Friday, July 16, 2004

OK, I've re-done the Tulip Café web site finally. It's nothing extraordinary, but it's better than what was there before. I did it all by myself, digging back into my memory to dust-off the little code I learned as the manager of a bunch of web programmers back in the dot-com days. Please take a look around and try to find typos and broken links.
My knowledge of HTML and other basic web coding goes up to the part where you get your head around the concept of "nested tables," and then stops abruptly. So using my old version of HomeSite, every time I trot out the "font" tag it tells me "font" been "deprecated" in HTML 4.0 or whatever,  and I should consider using cascading style sheets instead. As much as it pleases me, that mental image of effervescent style sheets cascading gently through the ether, I cannot bring it to fruition. Alas.
Also, if anybody knows someone willing and able to do a better re-design of this site in exchange for food and drinks credit at Tulip Café, please let me know.  


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