Saturday, July 03, 2004

So I left the cafe about 9:30 last night. It was pretty dead, especially for a Friday. No surprise there, with the long holiday weekend and everybody going out of town. But then, right after I left, about 40 people walked in the door. Utter madness. I'm pretty sure it was the entourage of the Forman brothers, the twin sons of Milos Forman who are producing Philip Glass's opera Beauty and the Beast at the National Theatre through Wednesday.

Says the FT:

Retaining the spirit of the Jean Cocteau film that served as Glass's inspiration, this truly is a fairy tale for children of all ages: roving eyes will catch some sly, ribald humour designed for adults. But for goodness sake, if you have children, bring them along! The show is so consistently dazzling with its cunning use of video, body doubles, an extraordinarily well-trained horse, breathtaking storybook pop-up sets, flying monsters and a slightly risqué chorus line of cotton-tailed bunnies that your well-worn videotape of the Disney film will soon be in the cupboard with the Pokémon action figures.
What with the Czech nation going football crazy and then abandoning the cities for the four-day weekend like the Bomb was coming, the Forman brothers have been keeping us alive this week. I don't have kids, but I figured I could re-pay the favor and see this show. If you don't have plans and you're reading my blog on a Saturday and you haven't run away to the countryside (anybody?), perhaps you should too.

Tickets are still available as of Saturday afternoon, but you have to go directly to the National Theatre to pick them up (nothing available at Ticketpro, and no reservations at the Theatre). I'll post my own mini-review tomorrow.


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