Tuesday, September 21, 2004

You might have already heard about the
great Kryptonite bike lock debacle
. Apparently, a biker in San Francisco discovered that all you need to open the most popular brand of Kryptonite bike locks is a Bic pen. (He found out after his bike was stolen.) The guy posted the news on the web, word spread like wildfire, it was soon covered by the major media, and now everybody in the world with one of these supposedly unbreakable Kryptonite locks is susceptible.

I just did it myself. One of my hosts here in Manhattan just showed me how. It's really quite a shocker. The scary thing is that if you go around Manhattan, you'll apparently still see these locks everywhere. Any unscrupulous guy who wants to make a lot of dough just needs to rent a big truck, buy a Bic pen, and hit the streets of New York.


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