Tuesday, February 01, 2005

More news you can use!

The gobsmacking beer giveaway at Tulip Cafe continues through February! Albeit with limited "happy hours" -- 5pm to 8pm, every day.

Once again in case you didn't hear, that's 15 Czech crowns for a half liter of 11 degree Bernard beer!

For those of you that don't live in the Czech Republic, a half liter is more than a pint, and 15 crowns is less than half a euro! That's some cheap beer! Come to Prague, NOW! (Note I'm deliberately not quoting the equivalent in greenbacks, a.k.a. the new North American peso...)

For those of you that used to live in Prague but don't anymore -- for your information, 15 crowns is an incredibly cheap price beer these days! That's 10 beers for the price of one movie ticket!


Blogger is misbehaving. There's a difference between the site with and without the www prefix, I had to copy and re-paste this post into the editor from the non-www site, plus I've seen some posts revert to old versions. Kvetch.


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