Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm flagging this Slate article for no other reason than it spoke to me:
What about children of boomers, Trivial Pursuit's other major demographic? They were warned away from the original—the box declared, "Age: Adult"—which of course made mastering the original game even more enticing. To compete at Trivial Pursuit, and maybe answer a question or two, was to secure a seat at the adult table. I remember my grandparents' astonishment when I correctly answered that Radar O'Reilly's favorite drink was Grape Nehi—a fact I'm pretty sure I learned directly from a Trivial Pursuit card. However sacredly boomers regard their nostalgia, it turns out their children regard it as more precious than their own.
All true, very true. But then something struck me, here:
"What jungle planet do Wookiees hail from?" a Star Wars card asks. Let's say, hypothetically and only for the sake of argument, that I know the answer. Who is supposed to be impressed by that?

Certainly not me. Reason? Look, I'm not even such a Star Wars geek, and even I know that this is a trick question. The Ewoks do not live on a planet. The reside on a moon, the forest moon of Endor.

UPDATE:Uh... OK, so I misread the very passages I quoted, thinking the question was about Ewoks. Wookies, not Ewoks. Wookies wookies wookies.

And, um, just to show you I'm not a total dweeb, I really didn't know (i.e. I learned from the Wikipedia link above) that Endor is named after Tolkien's Endor in Middle Earth. I've never read Lord of the Rings.


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