Monday, November 21, 2005

As you've surely noticed, there's a febrile discussion going on down in my post about the flap over the Czech version of the Hungarian version of Big Brother and the cast's sudden and strange relocation to Bratislava -- a true Habsburg clusterfuck if I ever heard one.

As I wrote in the comments, I am determined to make this blog an information clearinghouse for breaking developments in this important ongoing story.

The subject also sparked a flurry of private messages between myself and Vladan Sir, my foremost Czech experts on all things... well, on all things. And it got me thinking, maybe my blog is in need of a little experiment, you know, if we're really going to go to the next level in our battle against the MSM's stifling strangehold on our way of life.

Therefore I’ve decided to give Vladan a whirl at being a guest blogger here at Scottymac Dot Blogspot Dot Com. I’ll still be posting on a regular basis, fear not. I’ve asked Vladan to use all lower case letters in order to highlight his distinctive style. And if and when he gets tiresome, I’ve a hooked stick at the ready.

Welcome, Vladan.


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