Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I have been thinking back to the last time I was single, a period of my life I usually refer to as my “slut phase.” It occurred to me that the slut phase didn’t really last that long and wasn’t even all that slutty.

It began in May 2000 and ended in January 2002. During those 20 months, I had a two flings (a long-ish one and a really strange short one), a short and moderately enjoyable but ultimately ill-advised quasi-relationship, two one-night stands (one of which the other person wrote a detailed account and posted in the web; no, I’m not linking to it), one two-night stand, one ex-girlfriend that I hooked back up with numerous times, plus a brief, intense, illicit affair with a Swedish-Hungarian lawyer who had a serious long-term boyfriend in Japan.

OK, I guess that might be considered kinda slutty by some folks, including me, actually. You tell me.

The thing is, I didn’t actually enjoy that period of my life, and now I’m starting to remember why.

I told the lawyer than I would stop smoking pot if she left her long-time boyfriend. This would have been a huge step for me at the time, but that’s how infatuated I was. Alas, she didn’t take me up on the offer and soon moved back to Stockholm and now, I just found out, she’s married to him.

I was seriously bummed at the time and pined for the Swedish-Hungarian lawyer for some time, but recently I realized how much of a better person she is for not dumping her boyfriend for me. As for me, I’m pretty grateful for those few extra years of being a pot-head.

So much has happened since then. For instance, there’s my little friend Isi. She hadn’t even been thought of back then.

I know that posting pictures of cute kids on my blog is pretty cheap and sentimental, but I can’t help it.


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