Monday, August 28, 2006

I dreamt that I accompanied Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- looking suspiciously like an ex-girlfriend's mom -- to deliver her resignation. She included a special turn of phrase that indicated disapproval of George W. Bush's abuse of executive power. I asked if there was a precedent for this. Justice Ginsburg indicated there was not.

Shortly afterwards she started choking on a bread roll. She couldn't breathe at all so I whacked her on the back. A large, whole and seemingly unchewed bread roll came flying out of her mouth, but she still couldn't breathe. She started to gurgle, however, as a vomity fluid began flowing down her head from beneath her wide-brimmed hat.

I tried giving the Heimlich maneouver. Still nothing but gurgling. I tried and tried, but there was only gurgling and gurgling. The woman lay lifeless, still gurgling, as I awoke.


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