Monday, April 28, 2003

Hey, come to Tulip tomorrow night for the second installment of Jazz Tuesdays. Cool gin cocktail included with the 70 Kè admission price, and trust me, you'll enjoy yourself -- even if you're not a jazz fiend.

Some readers of this blog (OK, one) did not know that I am an owner of Tulip. Everybody: I'm an owner of Tulip. So come.

Who: Jazz guitar maestro Pavel Obermajer, bass groovester Adam Havlin and keyboards fussbudget Vasek Snydr. Word has it a songbird or two will be larking in for spring as well, and I think I saw a snare drum making its way into the cafe yesterday.
Where: Tulip downstairs, Opatovicka 3, Prague 1 (just down the block from
The Globe)
When: 8pm every Tuesday
What: Live jazz, Beefeater gin cocktail included with admission
Damage: 70 Kc


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