Monday, May 26, 2003

Vincent Gallo (actor, writer, director, producer, cameraman) has apologized to the world at large for making such a crap film, following The Brown Bunny's disasterous reception at the Cannes Film Festival.

The man behind Buffalo 66 (a great movie, as I recall) told Screen Daily: "I accept what the critics say. If no-one wants to see it, they’re right – it’s a disaster of a film and it was a waste of time. I apologise to the financiers of the film but I assure you it was never my intention to make a pretentious film, a self-indulgent film, a useless film, an unengaging film.... I thought that I was compelled by something beautiful that I could share with other people. I’m disappointed that people aren’t responding to it in that way. I can only apologise to the people who feel they’ve wasted their time."

That's not all. Gallo said he realizes that that "what I think is beautiful doesn’t match up with what the general population thinks. I don’t know how to give people what they want. I worked hard on the film, I liked it very much. I’m disappointed that again, what I like is unpopular. That doesn’t make me happy, let me assure you." He said the Cannes screening was "the worst feeling I ever had in my life" and he will probably never watch the movie again.

Poor guy. What can you say to that? I've seen some criminally bad movies in my life, and I have no idea how awful The Brown Bunny really is, but I'm sure I've never heard of a writer-director beat himself up like this over it. Kind of makes me want to go see the movie, or at least rent the video.

In news closer to home, Prague's Stillking has announced it's making an original feature based on last year's Moscow theatre hostage crisis.

Almost forgot. Gus van Sant (who still hasn't apologized for To Die For) won the Cannes Palme d'Or with a movie about a high school shooting called Elephant. Apparently it was the worst Cannes in years.


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