Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Czech Foreign Ministry's Jana Adamcova says she's optimistic about the turnout in next weekend's EU referendum:

I hope we will get about 60 percent turnout, and I hope we will have more than 70 percent saying "YES". But there are so many factors that I cannot influence. I can only say that here in the communication department we're doing our best and we're doing the maximum we can."
As the referendum nears, I'm getting the feeling (based on nothing, really) that enough people are worried about turnout that the worst predictions will not in fact come to pass. In a fit of contrarian weirdness, Ivan Langer of President Klaus's ODS says he'll vote "No" while Deputy-Chairman of the Communist Party Jiri Dolejs says he (and other Communists) will in fact vote "Yes."

But then there's the ongoing heat wave, which will drive the entire populace to the countryside if it lasts. The temperature is expected to reach 32 Celsius today. That can easily change in a week, though.

Apart from that, just about the only thing to be said on the subject is what your gut tells you; see Arelannes' guts here, and NicMoc's "random, unsubstantiated thought of the day" here.

Jan Macháèek, meanwhile, writes an unapologetically pro-federalist piece in PBJ arguing against the myth that the EU Constitution is being put together by "ambitious bureaucrats, eurocratic socialists and cryptofederalists." He points out, critically, that the ongoing Convention on the Future of Europe has been all but unnoticed in the Czech Republic as the referendum nears.


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