Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I found this BBC article about the forthcoming Czech EU referendum to be sort of dumb, in parts at least.

Zdenek Stefek, head of the still-powerful Communist Youth league, is using a Mayday workers' rally to tell working people they should vote "no" in the referendum on EU membership.
On stage, Zdenek tells the crowds that the EU exploits workers, that 10 years of capitalism have put millions out of work and brought profits only for the rich and powerful.
Yes, the Communists are still powerful, but I can't say I've heard much about the Communist Youth league. This guy doesn't bother mentioning how big nor how youthful that crowd was.


The parks above the Vltava river are full of people out enjoying the beer gardens and the sunshine.
OK this is probably true. Why am I at my desk and not at Letna?

But seriously, skip to the chart at the end. Forecasted referendum turnout: 28%. Yikes.


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