Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Sorry if you've come to this site and have been disappointed at the lack of posting. As I explained, I'm at the Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival, working on the Festival's daily newspaper. There's not been too much exciting gossipy stuff to report, although there is one rather long story that I'd love to tell involving the executive editor of Variety magazine. Going back to an incredibly petty incident at the festival two years ago, this rather powerful film biz guy has actually gotten it into his head that I'm out to destroy him. That's the short version of the story. (Yes, that Variety. The most biggest movie industry trade magazine in the world. And when I say executive editor, I mean executive editor. One of the top dogs. I kid you not.)

As you might know, I am a part-time stringer for Screen International, which is a competitor to Variety. The other day Will was sitting out on the terrace of the Hotel Thermal and overheard the following exchange between this man (let's just call him Steve Gaydos) and his colleague:

SG: "I notice there are no copies of (our magazine) Variety here."
SG's colleague: "Well, that should be a good thing, no?" [Implication being that people are snatching up the issues.]
SG: "No. I'm suspicious."
SG's colleague looks at him funny.
SG: "Yes, I'm suspicious. There's this one guy here from Screen...." [Implication being that I've been stealing all the copies of Variety at the festival and hiding them.]

Pretty unbelievable. (Just for the record, it's not true.) The man appears to be insane, and unfortunately I'm his insanity. He must be spending $400 per hour talking about me to his shrink. "I dreamt about him again! We were at the film festival and there was Scott MacMillan, waving a copy of Screen International!" I suppose it should be flattering, but frankly it just gives me the creeps.


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