Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Jeff Buehler sent me a diary account published in the Guardian by someone who'd been blind since the age of three and then got his vision back. Author Mike May describes seeing his wife, his kids, trees, mountains, a movie, the view from an airplace and a flight attendant's blue eyes for the first time. Wow.

UPDATE: Matt Welch of Reason magazine picked this up for the mag's blog Hit & Run, sparking a discussion about stem-cell transplants. One reader points out that, "This story is simply not as miraculous as anyone is trying to make it. The stem cells were not the important part of the operation, the cornea transplant was." This brought to mind Doug Arellanes's recent post about the fact that some Czechs are opting out of the country's new organ donor system. I have to admit I initially found parts of the "To Remember Me" manifesto, posted on Arellanes.com, rather rather trite and mawkish -- as in, come on, nobody will ever want this rusty old cornea when I'm done with it! I hereby retract that thought. Take my corneas, take all of them.


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