Thursday, August 28, 2003

Last night I had the following SMS conversation with a friend:

TS: "Check out the Post tomorrow. Mean article about the Pill"
SM: "Am I quoted?" [*]
TS: "No, but it refers to Prague Insider as short-lived"
SM: "Thank god. Well, that's pretty accurate. People have said worse"
TS: "As in 'the dick-smoking yuppie irish bakery the prague insider'?"

I cracked up.

I've already picked on Frank Kuznik of the Prague Post once in the past week, but I have to say, this article about the demise of the Prague Pill, the late local alt-weekly, was pretty mean. To wit: "In retro-spect it's hard to see how it could have gone any other way....The beautiful corpse bit didn't work out, either.... Launched in a feverish burst of energy and naivete.... If Prague is a fantasyland for young expats, then the Pill was a fantasy within a fantasy, a bubble of arrogance, self-indulgence and bad attitudes that was bound to burst..." Ah yes, it was all so inevitable. Except I don't think it was inevitable at all.

Then again, the author manages to talk to all the principle players and get the real story. Kudos to that. And then there's this:

Jeff Koyen, a foul-mouthed American with alternative-weekly experience who joined the Pill three months into its run, is still abusing the Post. "You got big and lazy, and you needed a snotty little brother to give you a good kick," he says. "I wish we had been there longer to kick your ass more."
Utterly priceless.


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