Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Subway comes to Prague. I think the teaser on Prague Daily Monitor says it all: "Now if we just had a Denny's..."

The funny thing about the Czech sandwich wars is that as little as five years ago, Czechs barely even knew what a sandwich was. You had your meat or cheese in one hand, your bread roll in another, and your just took turns taking bites off each.

It was also a business opportunity that many people saw coming. I remember about four years ago, the head of Leo Burnett in Prague (a Czech guy) ranted and raved about why nobody had opened a sandwich shop in Prague. This was pre-Paneria, and the teeming masses were starting to get sick of those bagels.

I few years ago I went to a restaurant with a Czech friend and ordered a sandwich, which was a big novelty at the time. She said, "Why do you go to a restaurant and order a sandwich? You could make that at home." I thought, um, right, as opposed to all the other things on the menu...


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