Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Go read PragueBlog's hilarious dissection of the picture of the kid with the Walkman possibly costing the Chicago Cubs a shot at the World Series....

See the Fan Dude? Red stocking cap and Cubs jersey? Here's the sequence of thoughts that went through Dude's head: "Uh, oh. Like, man, I ain't sure but.... Bad program, man! Don't...oh, shit."

How about Pete (lawyer) and Marsha (personal finance adviser), the yuppie couple right there with ringside seats? Pete seems unsure of who he actually wants to catch the ball. Marsha seems more concerned for her personal safety while still maintaining that thin, arch smile that's plastered on her face all day and every day.

As for the rest of the souls in this picture frozen on film and in pixels in this strange moment in time, they are suspended at the top of a parabola, yet weightless (excepting a certain person in the background)...
Yep, it's all right there.


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