Monday, October 06, 2003

One day a few years ago I ran into an American guy wearing a "B"-for-Boston-Red-Sox hat downstairs at Akropolis (a club in Prague). I asked him to bring me up to speed on the team, which I haven't followed in years (actually since 1986, I think). Amidst the din the only words I could make out were "Pedro Martinez," "Manny Ramirez" and "Nomar Garciaparra." As if that Latin triptych weren't enough, I just found out I'm supposed to get excited about somebody named David Ortiz as well.

So far I'm right about the Red Sox (see below): They rallied to win Game 4 yesterday, 5-4. Now watch them blow the lead in the final innings and lose to Oakland in Game 5 tonight.

And here's this fascinating article, which suggests an economic reason for the fact the Red Sox haven't won a World Series since 1918: They don't have to.

"From a purely financial standpoint, the Red Sox have less to gain by winning the World Series than just about any other team in the league," said Doug Pappas, chairman of the Society for American Baseball Research's business of baseball committee.
Why? Because the fans will turn out no matter what. Indeed, sometimes I get the idea Bostonians might actually lose interest if the Red Sox started winning big time, like the Celtics used to. (After the mad eurphoria died down of course, which would take a decade or so.)

I'm doing my part to support the club. I'm not watching a single game until I think they might actually win. Call it tough love. (Actually, I couldn't watch a game here if I wanted to.)


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