Thursday, October 30, 2003

So the woman and I are dressing up as Antony and Cleopatra for Halloween. (She's Cleopatra...) Today we checked out the costume rental shop at Barrandov Studios for the first time. Not easy to get to -- even when you get to the Studios' main gate, you have to walk nearly all the way across the lot to find the costumes building -- but once you get there, prepare to be impressed with the 100,000+ get-ups they're ready to lend you. Downside: Whopping cash deposit. Barrandov is now sitting on Kc 17,500 of my dough. (That's about $650.) But the costumes themselves only cost Kc 1905 for seven days, and that's including a very life-like black wig (which came from a separate wig department and incurred its own Kc 5000 deposit), an ancient Egyptian crown, a Cleopatra-like dress, that colorful metal thingie that goes around the necks of people in hieroglyphs, a Roman tunic-type doo-dad and a big manly looking leather belt.

You'll get personalized service, and English is spoken by at least one of the costume people, but don't expect to browse. There's just too stuff for that. Go there with a specific idea in mine, and let them find it. Indeed, try to stump them. We decided we wanted to be Antony and Cleopatro over a number of beers at a pub ther other night. Runner-up: Chicken and egg. ("After you." "No, after you." "No, after you."...)

And they close at 3pm every day.

Seems like a ton of stuff is happening in Prague for Halloween, which is funny, because ten years ago, I'm sure virtually nobody celebrated it. I'd recommend Prague.TV's Monster Ball at Zizkov's Ponec theatre, co-catered by Tulip.


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