Tuesday, November 04, 2003

An email from a friend in America falls into the laugh-out-loud category. He's describing the wedding of a mutual college chum, Roger, to one Mildred (not their real names) :
Also at one point the DJ said, when we were looking at his lists of songs, "lemme save you the effort and tell you that the wedding party requested that I don't play hip hop or hard rock." What a bummer, but I guess it makes sense because we were going to request "Back that Ass Up" and well, it's not a universal crowd pleaser. But I complained about the hip hop ban to Roger and Mildred and Roger had it changed while Mildred said "Oh Hip Hop is okay, we just don't want any Rap." That handcuffed me.
The wedding sounded like it as a blast, in any case, and I'm sorry I missed it.


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