Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Story: "Rapper Slick Rick is expected to be released from Immigration and Naturalization Service detention following a federal judge's ruling. Judge Kimba Wood on Friday reversed ..."

Dude. Stop right there. I know that woman. The judge, I mean. First of all she was Clinton's second choice for attorney general (the third was Janet Reno). But I mean I know her, as in I met her and had lunch with her. And unlike my dinner with Noam Chomsky, we were, in fact, the only two people at the table. I interviewed her for my college newspaper in New York City in 1995.

So there I am walking down the street with Judge Kimba Wood in Manhattan, close to mid-town. We came to a cross street and the light was red, but of course everybody was crossing anyway, because that's what you do in Manhattan when there are no cars coming. It was a really awkward moment. Does one jaywalk in front of a federal judge just because everybody else is doing it?


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