Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Yesterday's Mlada fronta reported on

... corruption among the country's football referees. The paper teamed up with a Czech Television reporter, managing to catch referee Frantisek Krivka accepting five hundred crowns to make sure the right team won a village game. The whole incident was captured on hidden camera, says the paper.

Mr Krivka has admitted taking the bribe, says MLADA FRONTA DNES, but denies influencing the outcome of the match in any way. He said he'd told himself if the right team won, he would keep the money. If the other team won, he would return it. The right team won. Frantisek Krivka adamantly denies any wrongdoing - 'If someone wants to give me money, why shouldn't I accept it?'
Um, riiight...

You know what's even crazier than this guy's story? The fact that he's being totally honest. I bet the guy seriously doesn't think he did anything wrong.


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