Friday, December 05, 2003

Calling all talent.

Together with Prague TV and the Czech chapter of Amnesty International, I'm helping to put together a Christmas benefit party at Tulip Cafe. Mark off Dec. 20 (two weeks from this Saturday) on your calender.

There will be a cover charge of Kc 200, coverning entertainment, food, at least a keg of free beer. Proceeds will go Amnesty, which is launching a campaign against violence against women in the spring. Tell your friends, pets and secretaries about this, mention it on your blogs, etc.

But here's the thing. We're still trying to line up the entertainment, after plans for a funky fusion outfit fell through. We got the DJ (none other than DougieGyro) but we need a live act. Small is good, as they'll be in the newly renovated downstairs. It could be anything. We even discussed a string quartet. Basically, if anybody has any suggestions for musicians (and entertainers -- jugglers, belly dancers, emcee, elves, etc) that would be willing to perform free for a good cause, please send me an email (scott-zavinaè-tulipcafe-dot-CZ) or drop a line in the rarely functional comments bin.

God bless us everyone.


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