Friday, November 28, 2003

Hey! I've been invited to guest blog for a week onA Fistful of Euros, which is hands down the best name even invented for a blog. (A Fistful of Euros, by the way, was briefly the name for a teen Euro road movie filmed in Prague earlier this year. I have no idea why they dropped the title.)

Anyway, here's my first post. It's already generated a little discussion, dovetailing nicely with a lengthy discussion about European nation states on Reason's Hit & Run, which started when Matt Welch picked up my link to Vaclav Klaus's ridiculous UPI interview and threw in a comment similar to mine.

By the way, which is more outrageous? That Klaus compares Eurocracy with Communism? Or that he considers this "new form of collectivism" a greater threat to Europe than Al Qaeda itself?