Monday, January 12, 2004

Liberal Hawks Reconsider the Iraq War - Should we have backed this invasion? By Paul Berman, Thomas Friedman,Christopher Hitchens, Fred Kaplan, George Packer, Kenneth M. Pollack, Jacob Weisberg, and Fareed Zakaria

My initial reaction: Cool beans!

My second reaction: I'm really not sure this debate is such as a great idea. I don't know why. All the indicators say this is a debate worth having. So why the onset of queasiness? Don't know, except to say the prospect of watching all these great writers and thinkers tying themselves up in knots re-covering ground that's already been pounded into clay... just doesn't sound like fun. I imagine it's going to get very messy, everybody building their own custom-made edifice of doubts, counter-doubts, qualifications, certainties, and alternatives.... Ugh. I'm sure I'll read the whole thing anyway, but it might be better checking in at the end to see if there's the summary conclusion that neatly encapsulated all of the above.


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