Monday, May 24, 2004

You Dumb-Ass Dipshit: "'Ten miles from Syrian border and 80 miles from nearest city and a wedding party? Don't be naive,' said Marine Maj. Gen. James N. Mattis in Fallujah. 'Plus they had 30 males of military age with them. How many people go to the middle of the desert to have a wedding party?'"

Jeez, let me think about this for a second. If you're a member of an Arab tribe living in a village way out in the desert near the Syrian border ... and you're planning a wedding... then you might have the wedding...

Wait! Hold on a sec. I just realized I was at a party -- at least I thought it was a party at the time -- on Saturday night with over 30 males of military age!

Holy shit! I was at a meeting of terrorists!

UPDATE: On a more serious note, I've read a few articles and blogposts on this wedding/terrorist gathering business, and the only truly sensible one I've come across is this one, by Kevin Drum, which basically says: WTF?!?!?!



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