Tuesday, May 04, 2004

You've got to watch this Slovenian political ad. OK, it's not going to blow you away, but it's pretty strange, especially coming from a supposedly "socially conservative" political party. (I think those words mean something different in Slovenia.) From Carniola:

The ad (you can watch it here) shows a pretty young woman lying happily in bed, presumably post coitus. We see a naked man walking into the bathroom to shower. (Gratuitous arse shot included.) The smiling lady leisurely gets up and accidentally discovers, among the man's possessions, a membership form for the LDS. (The left-of-center party that currently rules Slovenia.)
You can sort of guess what happens next. It involves a brief thong-shot.

I found this on the blog The Glory of Carniola via Blogo Slovo's new home.

Speaking of Slovenian blogs, it seems there are a helluva lotta them. In addition to Carniola, here are a few:

2 Much Beauty
Andrej Budja's blog
Nelit’s blog

There are more here, but these are the English ones that jumped out.

While I'm at it, don't forget Siberian Light, which is filled with weird news from Russia, like the $30,000 cruises to Athens that a bunch of Duma deputies were just caught buying. ("Caught" because with their official salaries, they'd have to save money for 10-15 years to afford that; OK, so maybe this is not so weird in Russia.)

Better still... A nine-ton radar tower, a "secret" military installation in Central Russia, has been stolen by scrap metal scavengers. That's right, stolen, as in it's no longer there. They took it. Swiped it. Nicked it. Pilfered it. Absconded with it.


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