Saturday, September 25, 2004

So I'm futzing around in the back of Tulip tonight, when the bartender hands me a business card with the following scribbled on it: "SWLiP je tady." Perplex, I sought out the writer. It was Brant Hadaway of the blog Strange Women Lying in Ponds.

UPDATE: Of course I meant to write "perplexed." The things I hate about my typos are: a) I make so many of many of them (it's the drinking, and I'm triny to cut down) and b) when I make them, it's never something simple like "I've cahnged my point of view" but rather something that seems sinisterly revealing about my very thought process, because even in emails, I'm often racing ahead of myself, often starting new setnences without finishing the last, and then forgetting to finish the first sentence, thereby leaving myself cruelly exposed.

On that note, I spelled my friend's name wrong in a review I wrote today for Amazon. Sorry, I didn't actually spell it wrong. I got it wrong, as in Iceberg Goldberg Same Thing.


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