Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Some joker put sugar in the salt shakers at Tulip.

I saw Rex-patriats and praised it for at least having some funny moments. But I'm not exactly sure why this is newsworthy.

My life has changed since I last wrote. My girlfriend moved to Dublin, and one month into a new apartment in Vrsovice, I still haven't settled in and I've been living out of boxes. The day basically consists of getting up, drinking tea, reading parts of a long Vanity Fair articles I've been working on (finished it today) and then going to work; then coming home late and going to bed. Occasionally there is a small amount of beer in involved. Occasionally there is a large amount of beer involved, and that tends to upset the routine.

Also, I saw "The Village" last night. Really, really disappointing. In fact, I'm going to tell you the spoiler, that's how disappointed I was. Don't look! The creatures in the forest are a ruse created by the town elders.

I'm glad Matt Welch's web site is working again, but I shore wish I could follow all that baseball talk.

I wrote another thingie for Slate about Turkey joining the EU. It's a good topic I wish I could explore more. Since Turkey-joining-the-EU will be in the news for at least another 15 years, I figure I have some time.

Duck a l'orange tonight.


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