Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The following email was sent to me via Prague TV:

Hi Mr. McMillan,
I am part of a group of students at Central
Washington Univ. Seatac campus doing a marketing
project on the Czech Republic. We are trying to speak
to as many persons "on the ground" there as possible.
Would it be possible for you to give us your
impressions of like in Prague as well as elsewhere in
the Republic: what is the mood of the people?
confident? Are they heavy consumers, etc....?
I know you probably get paid for this sort of
thing, so just a few general comments are good enough.

thanks, Chris K.
Central Washington University
This is such a strange and vague question, especially seeing as it has no apparent relationship to any specific event (upcoming election, natural disaster, etc.).

Still, would anybody like to try to begin to attempt to think about answering? Where to start?

By the way, early heads up: Keep an eye out for Prague TV's forthcoming group "city blog" -- all about Prague and Czech cultchah. Should be very lively, entertaining and informative, with all the usual suspects invited to post.


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