Wednesday, November 10, 2004

New Old Town pasáž alert: Right next to Kogo -- the first one, on Havelská -- there's a store called ... hmmmm, called U something, selling wine and cheese and stuff, and sort of going through it there's an interesting new passageway that's opened up -- how recently, I have no idea, but it wasn't always there, honest to god -- leading through a swank little shopping area with an upscale Western European cafe, and ending up on that one street -- you know the one, the one that has the store selling medieval swords and full suits of armor and that old beer hall, connecting Melantrichová and Železná. Note this is not the Kogo pasáž itself, which is older than time itself, but one that runs parallel to it and ends up in a slightly different place. Hat tip to my friend Vladan for discovering this, and also the little bar/pot den called Cho Cho Bar, which is right nearby, where the denizens claim that all the ancient underground passageways of Prague converge on that one spot. Whatever that means.


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