Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I started driving. It's not so bad, but the city's so big and spread out, it's a big pain in the bum going to meetings and stuff. I had a meeting at 9:30 today on the other side of town, and then I "stopped by" for a quick cup of tea without another guy on the way back. (The thing about cars is, you have to find a place to park them.)

I'll have to buy a car once I get legal. For now I'm tooling around in the company's BMW. This is not as stylish as it sounds. The radio's broken and it won't go above 90 on the dial, so the only two stations I can get are BBC World Service and the local Indian station, where the announcer speakrs in a hybrid of English and Hindi. Seriously, the guy just switches in and out effortlessly and, it appears, quite randomly. Sort of like most Arab yuppies do, in fact. I'm not sure if this linguistically counts as a creole, or if it's just randomly speaking two languages.


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