Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I finally picked up the new Belle and Sebastian album. It’s not really so new, as it came out last year, but I only recently saw it for sale. I don’t know why it took me so long -- well, yes I do, I was living in Cairo -- but I guess I also figured a friend would buy me a copy and give it to me when I swing through Prague in July, but I can’t wait for that, so I bought it. Isn’t it funny how sitting at home alone listening to a new album can make you feel different in such a good old-fashioned way, and different is better if you were in the kind of mood I was in yesterday, and different is better especially if you have a frozen pizza. I’m writing this last night because I don’t have Internet at home. And I can’t think of the last time I bought a new CD. Funny, even the one song I know well, “Another Sunny Day” sounds different when it’s played on the album even though I’m sure it’s exactly the same track I downloaded a couple months ago and I’ve been listening to on my Ipod. I know it’s such a sad song. Well it’s an interesting record anyway. I do like the parts that sound like T-Rex. I pretty much like anything that sounds like T-Rex. It’s a fun record, but the funnest part is the liner notes where all the kids write to the band and the band takes turns answering. For instance: “Dear Stevie, I just picked up the courage to ask this ultra-cool girl out to the pics; her response was that I have to compile a CD with only 10 songs on it, that’ll help pass away a rainy Tuesday afternoon in February...” I believe this is an actual letter sent to the band but I don’t believe that story actually happened because I don’t think such a girl really exists. Well, maybe in Wales, where the guy wrote from. Also, this: "Q: If Bono owns any of your albums which do you think it would be? A: the next one. Like us, he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for." Ho ho ho! I also got the new Flaming Lips CD but as of this writing I haven’t yet removed the plasticwrap. (Update: Listened to it in the car on the way to work today. Not nearly as impressed with that as I was with B&S, but I've only listened to each of them once.) Also I’ve started going to a Chinese doctor for acupuncture. Ouch!


Blogger Bishop said...

I've been listening, on/off, to the new Belle & Sebastian for awhile and don't think it's quite so good as Dear Catastrophe Waitress (which had that Trevor Horne perfection for better or for worse). I really like The Blues Are Still Blue (perhaps it's the T. Rex about it) and Mornington Crescent, but (odd for someone who swears like a pirate), I found the amount of profanity on the album indicative of a certain laziness.

Haven't dug into the new Lips yet either, though it's on a shared drive here at the office.

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