Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Uh.... hi.

My gosh, it's the longest I've not blogged in like forever.

I'll be in Prague the first week of November.

In September I moved into a great new apartment in the Marina section. I never blogged about how awful it was to find a decent place to stay here. I never blogged about it because it was too awful, on a deep spiritual level. It's better now, much much better.

I bought a Toyota Corolla. It runs nicely, but cars here require constant washing.

Over the weekend I drove to Al Ain, on the Omani border, for an excursion. It was much different from the city I live in. I drove to the highest point in the country. Sadly this was the first I'd really been out of the city I live in, but now that I have my own wheels I plan to do that more often.

Both my sisters turn 37 today. Congratulations.

Here's a little video about the city I live in. I found it didn't really get under the surface, but it's nice that somebody shot some video inside the Cyclone.


Anonymous Chris said...

Thanks for the congratulations. 37 looks *really* old in print. Did you have to publish it???

I thought the video was a very good introduction - I was impressed. Hard to get under the surface in such a short time.

5:21 AM  

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