Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Hey, this is where I went to school.

"It's a lonely place to be an antiwar protester on the Amherst campus," said Beatriz Wallace, a junior. In the dining hall, students have set out baskets of ribbons, some yellow, some red, white and blue.

Prowar students say they feel just as alienated. "The faculty, and events, has a chilling effect on discussions for the prowar side," said David Chen, a sophomore.

Boo hoo, ye poor oppressed liberals and ye poor oppressed conservatives. I am of the opinion that speech, by its very nature, is oppressive -- even if only mildly so compared to other forms of political persecution. Free speech is the freedom to tell somebody else to shut their cakehole. In fact, I feel vaguely oppressed every time I turn on the TV. So everybody should stop feeling sorry for themselves and get used to it.


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