Thursday, October 16, 2003

Hello, here are some blogs written by people who know somebody that I know.

Harry Rubenstein. American journalist living in Israel, where people keep blowing themselves up. Might add that to my Middle Eastern blogrole, whenever I get around to changing it (and add Czech-American Baltimorite George Cerny, too, while I'm at it).

Jed Davis. Sings in a NYC pop-punk band called Collider.

Agendacide, who rightly points out that "The fact that 'Jenny from the [Bronx] Block' is a sitting in Ben's Boston box seats is 'wicked retahded.'"

Mike Dawson, the co-author of the Gabagool! comic, which my g-fry read and said was really funny. I'm waiting for them to send me the hard copy. Mike, like me, is a reluctant convert to yoga.


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