Monday, May 24, 2004

Here's something I just learned circuitously via G.A. Cerny. I haven't been paying much attention to this Gmail thing, but apparently it's something some people really, really want, and if you're a Blogger user, you might be eligible for an account -- or better yet, an invitation, which you can use to swap for lots of weird shit on GmailSwap.

Things such as... a puking cat.... US$35.... Hillary Duff's AIM screen name (yeah right)... A season of X-Files... A silver coin of Emperor Constantine... 12 Viagra... homemade austrian alternative-hiphop instrumentals.... The Dalai Lama's aviator shades...

See the list of Nifty, Neat and Noteworth Swaps. I also saw a guy offering a Persian carpet and a Syrian shishah earlier, but it looks like that's already been taken.

The world sure is funny!

(Ignore the asshole posing as "scottymac" offering "Czech beer." That loser imposter probably doesn't even need an account anymore.)

As for me.... It's my blogspot name, zavinac, gmail.com. Woo hoo!)


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