Sunday, October 24, 2004

Red Sox up one? This is really happening? I avert my gaze.

Matt Welch is seeking endorsements for the presidential election. Not for himself, foolio. I mean he's asking us to say who we're voting for and why. Naturally it should come as no shock that I'm leaning strongly toward the Senator from Massachusetts, and no, it's not just because he's a Democrat, although let's get real -- that by itself would probably be enough. (Yes, I could imagine voting for a Republican, maybe, but I'd find it pretty hard to vote for a Republican who endorsed Bush in 2004.) That's not a very interesting reason, anyway.

OK, if you want the "good reasons" in a couple of sentences, I've boiled it down to this: I believe in the war on terror and the democratization of the Middle East. Bush is doing nothing for these causes. Judged on his own terms, he's a failure and a fraud. Even if I were a hawkish conservative Republican, I don't think I'd be fooled by his swagger. And Kerry has voiced at least 80% of my complaints, which is a good score.


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