Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I just posted something on A Fistful of Euros about a topic I know very little about: EU tax law. Go ahead, read it.

I believe it was Doug Arellanes who described what he called "Iva Kubelkova Syndrome" which is the theory that "your knowledge of who Iva Kubelkova is is actually displacing useful knowledge from your brain, like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, the Third Law of Thermodynamics, or EU taxation law." (Also known at the Joyce DeWitt syndrome.)

Oddly enough, I know absolutely nothing about either of those two people, and yet simultaneously I know diddly-squat about EU taxation law, or even those two other things he mentioned. Worse, the other day I utterly failed to even come up with Tina Yothers's character's name on Family Ties. Anybody?


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