Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy Saint Wenceslas Day!

He was never a King, fool.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

OK, people. It's time to starting coming back to Tulip. September has been abyssmal in terms of business. What with the nice garden and all, it seems that when the weather gets bad, it takes people a month or so to realize that actually the weather doesn't have to be good to come to Tulip. The inside's nice, too.

And just to entice you...

So Tulip finally got back it's Internet connection through a company called WideNet, which means we're also a WideNet wi-fi hotspot! The problem is, at the moment, I haven't the slightest clue how that works. But surely there's somebody out there for whom that means a lot. Presumably you need a laptop and some sort of password. I'll post more useful information in due course.


"Supposedly under attack by Islamic Extremists, our country under George W. Bush has managed to catch ... Cat Stevens." I think maybe my new favorite blogger is Ken Layne. Why can't all you other people be more like Ken Layne, huh? (Yes, I especially mean you, Senator Kerry.)

By the way (also via Layne) our president proudly announced that the Afghan national army was doing the heavy lifting in Najaf. Right in front of the new president of Iraq. He then said, "That's why I try to be as clearly as I can. I don't want [the enemy] to be emboldened by any confusion or doubt." Of course, he meant to say the Iraqi national army, but what's sort of weird (and sort of sickening) is that it almost feels like a cheap shot to point that out. Indeed I can vaguely remember a time when such a slip-up would have turned a few heads. You've come a long way, baby.
By the way, I lost my glasses in Italy, and then it seems I lost another (much older) pair of glasses in the U.S. My only other pair a big and square and Kissingerish and my girlfriend won't let me wear them. So if you see me and I act like I don't recognize you, just come a little closer. And if I still act like I don't recognize you, it's probably because I don't recognize you.