Friday, April 16, 2004

There was some confusion caused by a post I made over at A Fistful of Euros touching on ground beef. Yes, ground beef. Go read it.

Tim Worstall thought that meant Tulip was trying to serve steak tartare using commercially produced ground beef. No, no, no!

I think Pragueblog posted at length on the subject of the proper hamburger a while back. Alas, not my forte. But might I share with you the fact that all Tulip's burger buns are now homemade.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

From the Onion archive, link via Amy Langfield:

Point-Counterpoint: The War On Iraq.
As the head of a small company, there are few things more reassuring that hearing somebody say, "I fucked up."

I recently chasisted one of my kitchen employees. I said, "Kitchen Employee, you know what bothers me about you? You never do anything wrong. You've never made a mistake."

Kitchen Employee looks at me funny.

"I've never heard you admit to making a mistake. Somehow that really bothers me. Have you ever made a mistake?"

Surprised, Kitchen Employee says, "Sure, I make mistakes. I often make mistakes."

I say, "Name the last mistake you made."

Kitchen Employee starts scratching his chin. "Ehhh..."

I just sat there, saying nothing. I'd say a full minute went by. "I made a mistake just the other day... What was it?..."

Finally, he offered the following explanation, "I think the problem is, when I make mistakes, it's often in the morning, when you're not here. And I don't usually come and tell you about it later."

Does this remind you of anybody you know? Somebody we both know? Somebody really, really famous?