Monday, February 13, 2006

I found my coat. I guess it was just buried under other coats at the bar that night. Naturally, this made me feel like a ass.

School's out, snow day in New England.

Yesterday, through a series of misunderstandings that I guess was nobody's fault but certainly wasn't mine, I was stranded at the airport in Kiev with absolutely no place to go, my only contact a phone number that was out of service. It was a really weird feeling, and not in a pleasant way.

Yes, it's cold here, but not bone-shatteringly cold.

So I hired a car and asked the driver to take me an internet cafe in the center, where I managed to find a friend who was online who happened to have a the local number of another old friend who just happens to live in Kiev. (Because I am a man about the world, I have friends all over the place.)

So we hung out at TGI Friday's waiting for my contact to send me an email. From there, things sort of worked themselves out, as they always do.