Friday, November 25, 2005

Oh no, not again.

Edward Jay Epstein is flogging his Atta-in-Prague theory once again, albeit this time with a question mark. Good for him for adding the correct punctuation. Yet he still thinks he can impress us by using words like "Jiri Ruzek" and "Jan Kavan."

Those familiar with the career of Jan Kavan know he's not exactly the most reliable character. Neither are his henchmen. It's enough to bring up the ugliest of cases, that of his aide, Karel Srba, for instance, convicted of conspiring to murder a Czech journalist.

The Final Word (written by a man who's well-acquainted with the Prague political scene) also pipes in with a few skeptical words. I also don't think there's much to go on here. The evidence is no less flimsy than it was before.

At this point, I wonder if the least reliable character in Epstein's story isn't Epstein himself. He's carved out a niche as the guy with the Atta-in-Prague theory, and considering he's got a book deal pending, I doubt any amount of evidence to the contrary is going to get in his way.

Snippets from the recent WSJ article linked to above:

- "Though no one has been allowed to interview him, [Iraqi intelligence officer Ahmad al-Ani] told the CIA that he was not anywhere near Prague at the time of the meeting."

Huh? What, he just shouted out to a passing CIA officer, as he was being led down the prison in leg-irons, "Hey, I wasn't in Prague in April 2001...!" (Or does Epstein simply mean that he hasn't had a chance to interview him?)

Keep in mind, his sources for this story do not appear to include anybody at the CIA. In fact, his sources complain that they haven't been given much information by the CIA. So which is it -- are they knowledgable sources, or are they being kept in the dark? You can't have it both ways.

- "Prime Minister Milos Zeeman..."

Zeeman? Stop, just stop...
It's official: Czechs are the biggest pot-smokers in Europe. According to Czech news agency, "Young Czechs tend to use the drug as a form of entertainment." You don't say?

Meanwhile, according to the Prague Post, Czechs are also "the world's biggest cell phone fanatics."

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

scott tells me to tell the world that vanilla ice is coming to prague this weekend. to that news, scott says: "yo check out the hook while my dj revolves it!" before performing at the hany bany disco in prague 4, vanilla will do a show at the village of vlachovo brezi in south bohemia. that will be at 10:30. to get to prague to make his 12:30 show, he'll need to take a helicopter.
hey scott, thanks for inviting me over to add some blurbs about the most recent habsburg mess, as you call it.

the unfortunate situation commenced early on sunday when contestants of the czech version of the hungarian variation of the big brother reality show were kicked out of their camera-festooned villa in prague. the hungarian variety is called való világ and it was created by the german channel rtl, which stands for radio television luxembourg. compared with big brother, the select ones (as the name perhaps translates into english) is slightly more family-friendly as contestants are taken out to discos and whatnot and the atmosphere is less commie-like not to scare the population of nations who had actually experienced it.

so sunday morning, five remaining select czechs were kicked out as the television station was late with rent for their villa lot. to protect their advertising revenues from the show, the tv station decided to ship the contestants over to bratislava where the slovak version of the hungarian variation is currently airing. and on monday night, the czech and slovak versions joined in the first big live czech/slovak media project since the federation of the two states went belly up in 1993 -- under hungarian/german supervision.

the first night together, the 5 czechs and 8 slovaks got wasted on champagne and vodka, jumped into the swimming pool fully clothed and puked in the bathroom. nice.

Monday, November 21, 2005

As you've surely noticed, there's a febrile discussion going on down in my post about the flap over the Czech version of the Hungarian version of Big Brother and the cast's sudden and strange relocation to Bratislava -- a true Habsburg clusterfuck if I ever heard one.

As I wrote in the comments, I am determined to make this blog an information clearinghouse for breaking developments in this important ongoing story.

The subject also sparked a flurry of private messages between myself and Vladan Sir, my foremost Czech experts on all things... well, on all things. And it got me thinking, maybe my blog is in need of a little experiment, you know, if we're really going to go to the next level in our battle against the MSM's stifling strangehold on our way of life.

Therefore I’ve decided to give Vladan a whirl at being a guest blogger here at Scottymac Dot Blogspot Dot Com. I’ll still be posting on a regular basis, fear not. I’ve asked Vladan to use all lower case letters in order to highlight his distinctive style. And if and when he gets tiresome, I’ve a hooked stick at the ready.

Welcome, Vladan.
It must suck to be addicted to nicotine, afraid of flying, drunk, doped up on sleeping pills, a habitual sleepwalker, and dying for a cigarette while in flight.
I was in Alexandria over the weekend and I saw a lot of crazy stuff up close and personal. Of the stuff I've read, so far I have to say AP got it wrong and the C.S. Monitor more or less got it right.
WWII bomb found in Prague. The cast of the Czech version of "Big Brother" had to be evacuated from their house, which is nearby. But sources in Prague tell me local television media are reporting the cast had to be moved due to a dispute with the landlord, a local "magnate." Hm. This story is not developing.